Direct Link

Direct Link, video, 0’28″, 2017

It’s not only about the separation of the inner self from outer space, it is an attack on free-will. Who will control it? Those who have so far manipulated it through a weak body (‘the spirit is strong but the body is weak’).

‘Direct link’, direct link between our brain and digital space, means reading our thoughts, memories, watching our pictures. Facebook approached it, but without the possibility of direct entry into our consciousness, doing it indirectly, reading and analyzing what we release in that outer space.

When it becomes possible to directly read our worldviews and political attitudes, it will be possible to shape and reset them by deleting unwanted content inserting politically correct ‘Software’ for the ‘welfare’ of the individual and general security.

It is the direction which the technological man has taken, to the removal of the basic characteristic that man has, free will. He is heading towards direct shaping of man according to the will of the rulers of this world.



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