Soldier in a Ripe Wheat


Soldier in a Ripe Wheat / Vojnik u zrelom žitu (AUDIO)

Soldier in a Ripe Wheat is made for the 3rd channel of Croatian national radio, it was broadcasted on the 13th of June, 2015. It is a compilation of texts published on Facebook in the last few years and sounds collected during a longer period of time.

In 2009 I made part of The Arctic Circle Project, a trip of artists and scientists to the extreme North of the Svalbard archipelago, Norway. Matt Holzman, a journalist from Los Angeles asked us a question: What is the difference between artists and tourists?
My answer was that I am not a tourist but I feel like a soldier in a beautiful environment and has a mission to fulfill.
That mission or duty changes the perception of the environment….

Recently I participated in a residence in Belgium (FMC Kasterlee) invited on the basis of my response to the open call ‘Printmaking in the public domain’. My idea was to redefine the Western European culture and history of art by making a subversion in the cultural system.
During my research I came across an old print depicting a battle in a beautiful field with ripe wheat. The caption under the image was as follows: LES BLES SONT MURS! meaning THE WHEAT IS RIPE!

I recognized my idea from 2009 and reacted by printing the quote: THE ARTIST IS A SOLDIER IN A RIPE WHEAT directly on the original print from 1888.





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