Law of Love, Book of Life

(making of)

Book of Life, 2011, video DVD, 06’15″

In “Law of Love and Book of Life” Tomislav Brajnovic continues his preoccupation with questioning and interpretation, defining and redefining of cultural an historical heritage. While doing so, he always seeks for primary meaning which is, often concealed by layers of historical formulations. These, he will disavow through radical destructive acts, specifically in the case of “Law of Love and Book of Life” he will use the process both creative and destructive: he is recycling books “Tuđman, prva politička biografija” (Tuđman, first political biography) and “Ustav Republike Hrvatske” (The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia) in the end using the material made from books to create paper.

The fact that both texts are political construction of the historical and political period in which they appeared that gave them high level of credibility – reveals their nature as constructs.

It is this conditioned relevance of the document, weather it is a biography of the ex president, whose figure had in specific conditions hypertrophied into the father of the nation equal to the state, patriotism and such categories, or weather it is the highest judicio-historical law, is what occupies the artist. He pledges for truth. Trying to extract it from clusters of context, free of vulgarization. Physical process of recycling is a symbolic act of purification, a kind of mental recycling…

[from the text by Irena Bekic]

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