Revolutionary Love

Revolutionary Love (Revolucionarna ljubav), text on old ventilator, 2017

‘Habits is the worst thing that can happen to love. Love, if it really is, is a form of eternal dynamics, and at the same time, fidelity to the first encounter. It is tension or even better, a kind of dialectics: between dynamics (continuous re-invention) and fidelity (this fateful and unexpected crack in the world). The same applies to the Revolution. The moment when the revolution ceases to re-invent not only social and human relationships but its own assumptions, we usually end in re-action, regression.
Srećko Horvat, Radikalnost ljubavi, Fraktura, Zagreb, 2016, p. 11th

Srečko Horvat brings in relation love and revolution, in fact, he conditions the success of the revolution by the lasting of love. Revolutionary experience testifies to the revolutionary spark, love and passion as the initiator of the revolution, but also the reaction and failure immediately after it has been established if that love disappears.
The disappearance of love as a cause of the collapse of the revolution (revolution as the establishment of a just, solidarity society).
Starting a ‘reactor of love’ in every ‘revolutionary’ is imperative to the success of the revolution. The fundamental question is how to initiate a ‘reactor of love’ in yourself and with which fuel to maintain it (to achieve ‘eternal dynamics’)?






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